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CWB Application


CWB is a dynamic entertainment company that provides full service production, promotion and artist management to some Ireland’s and the world’s best talent. Looking to enhance their online presence, CWB wanted to replace their existing website with a more impactful and engaging experience for their visitors.

From collaborating with CWB, we identified some of their key requirements. We designed the application to fully showcase and highlight the impressive portfolio of production events and headline artists which CWB manages. At the same time, we wanted to build an immersive experience for visitors - not simply a landing site with links to external content. The app has live content feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and media streams (YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud) for all CWB artists, which encourages visitors to share content directly from - boosting organic SEO, and building brand recognition.

The app was fully custom-built, using modern web technologies, to provide a truly unique experience across all platforms, from smartphones to widescreen HD displays.

UX/UI by Natalie Keville Design

Development by EJ Daly

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