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Moov School Furniture

MOOV School Furniture
Why are our classrooms crowded with over-engineered, over-sized, heavy furniture? Why should we sit all day? These are the type of questions that inspired the MOOV furniture solution for education. 
MOOV is a dynamic modular furniture solution that creates a healthy learning environment by correcting posture, enabling movement, and thus creating comfort which increases pupil performance.  It is stackable and easy to reconfigure and store enabling a flexible learning environment. This promotes pedagogical development through freedom of movement. 

The furniture system facilitates movement in education by enabling teachers and students to control their environment, while promoting an active body and mind. It is designed to enable a healthy posture for task purposes. This is done by integrating a sit / stand stool for working and periods of rest. These positions maintain a neutral ‘S’ curvature of the spine while also supporting the body for task purposes.  The form facilitates a dynamic learning environment through its ability to nest away for storage purposes and move to a required arrangement to suit task. This gives the user complete control of their space and learning preferences. Its user-centred design recognises that the child should be the most important thing in the learning environment, not the furniture.
MOOV aims to facilitate forward thinking in education.

MOOV was designed as part of the research project TFE, 'Task Furniture in Education', a Marie Curie FP7 funded project awarded to NCAD in 2011.

*Currently under development.

Concept Development, R&D & Prototyping by Natalie Keville

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